Let’s Spend Time, Not Money.


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Following up on my previous post (that I meant to publish a week ago), I had come to an epiphany that I would like to share with all of you.

Big Question : Time or Money?

I have asked a good amount of my friends and family which was more relevant to them and majority said time, while the rest said money. What may seem important to one person may not seem as important to another.

You can lose time, but regain money.

And truth be told, time is the main thing I struggle with more than money. Why do I crave time so much? Because it is literally what I have to work with. The value of money isn’t as grand as the value of time for me.
While money is essential, we need the time to make money – to do anything for that matter.

Realizing this, as a 25 year old, I am trying to do so many things all at once – without the proper time management. While I do have my monetary resources available, I do not have all the time to focus on my art.

I believe that right now is the best time for me (anyone in this generation) to learn the balance between time and money. While it may seem infeasible, it is completely possible.

And this struggle will only last if I do not prioritize my passion properly and actually work on it, even if it is little by little. My main goal does not change, but my plans to get to that goal tends to change – and I believe this is what they call the infamous yet informal term “adulting“.

It sucks, but it comes with time and money.

And if that is what we need to work on living, why make it more complicated than it already is? What makes it complicating in the first place?
Maybe because we, or I, have not mastered that balance between time and money.

For those who have, I salut you.

Passion. Simple and.. Satisfying?


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When you think of this word passion, what is the first thought that comes to mind?
Does your passion toward a specific topic or noun immediately come up? Or do you actually have to think about what you are passionate about? Do you find yourself constantly thinking if you’re really passionate about something or do you find yourself questioning the true meaning behind it?

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Street Royal : Courtney.


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I had the honor to finally work with one of my great friends, Courtney. We had initially met at my current job, and although she is a former coworker, she still remains a close friend to me.


One trait I found extremely prominent was her confidence when wearing Vintage clothing. She’s the Vintage Enthusiast in my book.

First off, we were trying to beat the time since the sun was quickly going down – this was a challenge that allowed me to practice shooting in Manual mode and altering with the ISO settings. The lower the ISO number, the clearer the images were. I found this was because of the amount of light the camera was perceiving which determined the clear result of the image. Overall, I found myself shooting at a 1/60 ISO range as opposed to somewhere around the 1/900 ISO range.

This challenge allowed me to learn more of the technicalities as well as my camera’s potential, since I often found myself shooting in Auto (not that I was that lazy, but it was a quicker result than having to tamper with the settings in itself).

IMG_5228 copy.jpg

So I found it a bit difficult to get the right amount of light as shown in the above photo. (I edited the levels of this image to not make it seem as blinding as it originally was)

After a while of trial and error, I was beginning to get the hang of it, and the results were evident.

Well, enough about my technical difficulties, you all get the point.
Let’s shift our focus onto Courtney and her outfit, and what she has to say about it, because I think she is actually more excited to share her outfit with you than I am with sharing these photos – not that I feel any less excited, but, as I said before, her confidence goes above and beyond!


  • Why Vintage Fashion?
    I just love it. It’s sexy and classy at the same time. I gain confidence from just wearing the clothes or putting on the make up. I love the fact that even showing not as much skin as the average person nowadays I can still feel sexy in my vintage / pin up wardrobe.
  • What is your fave piece?
    My favorite piece is hard to decide, I’d love to say the shoes! A girl can never have too many shoes, but I would go with the dresses as well. So many different styles and designs; and each and every time I buy a new dress I am that much more obsessed.
  • Tell us about your outfit? Why did you choose to showcase this specifically?
    This outfit is a great mix between the vintage style with a modern feel. The shoes being modern while the leather jacket and glasses are my staple for vintage. I chose this one because I am incredibly comfortable and still so confident in this somewhat simple outfit. The shirt is actually from my favorite yet crazy expensive vintage reproduction clothing stores. Anyone who has seen or knows about CRYBABY knows this shirt, lol.
  • Your tattoos – What do they mean?
    My tattoos are my self expression. I’ve never felt that tattoos need to have some crazy deeper meaning. The zombie girl is just something I love – the artwork and the color. It wasn’t something I could just forget about, so I just added it onto my skin. Artist credit goes to Glen the author of Instagram. The one above it is a little more meaningful, blue rose and skeleton – something that a lot of people tend to deal with, depression. Mine felt like it was engulfing me, surrounding me, and as much as I felt dead inside, I still managed to spread my wings and stand apart from my depression. Artist credit goes to Gris Grimly.

  • Anything you want to add to tell the readers?
    No matter what color, height/weight, gender.. You are beautiful. I love myself in my clothes. I have a style that may be common in some places but it is unique to me and no matter what anyone says I love myself with my style. OWN YOUR STYLE – it’s as unique to you as your finger print.


She couldn’t have said it any better. Her words definitely resonate with her personality, style and confidence! And that is one of the things I love having her as a friend.

Thank you so much, Court! Keep shining!

The Struggle Is Real.


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Ever had big plans for yourself and your future, and when the expected time frame finally comes around, the results aren’t exactly what you had in mind?

Yup, that’s me. (And a bunch of other people I have been talking to recently.)
For some odd reason, the unexpected turn of events between a few of my fellow Royals and I have all come into sync. It’s not that we all have the same exact situation, but the fact that we are all struggling to get our personal flow going to get our work done means that it doesn’t matter what the skill pertains to.

However, there are some ways to handle such conditions in order to get to where you need to go without the excess stress and pressure of trying to be where you want to be in your trade.
First, and foremost, it always starts with identifying the underlying causes. For example, the two most crucial factors : time and money-

Actually, we can just discuss the common relationship between time and money; because without time you would not be able to make money, and without money you would not be able to make the time to invest in your skills, right?
And what better way to easily solve this problem than to get a job in your respective field. Well, realistically speaking, it’s nowhere near easy.

Why, you ask?
Well, nowadays, just like with almost any major out there, it is almost damn near impossible to get an entry level job that does not require 5-10+ experience. Almost as if they’re looking for someone who started at the age of one. (Kidding, not kidding).
Now, I might be speaking as a whining millennial who majored in fashion to get a job in an impossible and competitive field, but I don’t think I sound like I am whining. I am speaking the truth for those who are actually trying to get somewhere in their field – fashion or not. There will always be competition in any field, and although it may seem impossible for now, it won’t always be that way.

And through all this, the only resolution I have come up with is to just remain patient. One door may close, but a few may open. Opportunities are available to those who seek it. And while you patiently wait, just keep yourself busy with related activities. Just because you did not land the exact position in your field, does not mean that it is your final destination – it is merely a pit stop to get further down the road.

Going back to the “time is money, money is time” correlation, the key word is invest.
Just consider everything you do as an investment – you are investing time and money in yourself and your future.
Do not worry about landing the dream job right now, because all you have to do is save your money to invest in your necessities in order to properly hone your skills.

Even though it is a struggle to follow through with your plans, just know that the common phrase “dust yourself off and try again” is actually very effective advice. And remember, if you really want something so badly, you would give it your all to get it.

Well, thank you for listening to my little vent – and hope it actually gave some insight to those who are going through the same struggles as I am while I try to continue my focus and advance in my career.

On another note, weekly blogging will change to random days throughout the week. So just check in whenever you can during the week, and there might be a new post, there might not be.

Again, thank you and see you next week!



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These past few weeks I’ve been busy with moving around that I didn’t get to update, but I did find a few things I do want to share with you.

When I was applying to attend Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising during the Summer of 2014, we were required to submit a project according to our respective majors alongside the application itself.

Prior to starting my education at FIDM, I honestly did not know very much about fashion designing at all. So the terms “mood board”, “croqui” and “fabric swatch” weren’t at all familiar to me. I tried my best. And this is what I came up with :

First was the mood board.

My understanding of a mood board was a collage that literally set the mood of my designs and inspiration. I chose Japanese fashion – as I have been.

Next, the croquis alongside the fabric swatch. From the given results, I’d like to say I hit the definition on the dot.

As far as I can recall the school provided the template for the sketch models and I had just randomly chosen the swatches and made an educated guess as to what piece I wanted to use the fabric for.

Looking back at it now, I am very grateful that the project requirements were assigned with the application. This gives me the opportunity to reflect on the knowledge I had before FIDM and after.

Plus, I always find it fun to revisit my artistic past – it surprises me sometimes to see the effort I put into the details.

In addition, I hope you enjoyed these pre-educated designs as much as I do!

Street Royal : Nikki.


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Hey all! I’m finally back from my birthday solo trip! (So sorry for missing last week’s post, I was still on vacation!) But oh do I have a treat for you!!

Destination : Seattle, Washington.. All aboard!

On my train ride to Seattle, I had the pleasure to meet a fellow traveler, who I felt had Royal potential, Nikki.

After formally introducing ourselves and sitting next to each other, we had conversed about interests and exchanged life stories. When she had changed her outfit when we were near our said destination, I knew I just had to photograph it. I was just so fascinated with her style and I had promised myself to come back with just one Royal from this trip.

Luckily, she obliged to my request as we had a very brisk photo shoot.

The one unique fact she told me about herself is that she has a lot of dreams even for a very short amount of sleep time. She definitely has a vivid imagination that, in a sense, reflects her style!

She was a very friendly and open minded person who told me what to look forward to in Washington, which in turn excited and comforted me about this trip even more.

I felt very lucky to have met someone like her to help me forget about my nervousness about this solo trip.

I usually have a questionnaire for my Royals but I didn’t have the perfect opportunity for her while on the train ride and after I came back from vacation. However, I am still very thankful for this opportunity and glad to have come home with a Royal story to share with you!

Again, thank you, Nikki!

Birthday Trip.

Exciting news!

My birthday is coming up this week and I’m taking a solo trip!! This is a big deal for me since I have never really done this, and I’ve been traveling with others so I think I owe it to myself to travel with myself this time around.

I plan to go on a hunt to explore new places, to see new things and just to experience a different location altogether. Another thing I will be looking out for is the fashion sense in this city.

What do they have to offer for expression?

Next week will be new material I’ve gathered from this mini vacation and I will definitely be sharing with you.

So for now.. Adieu!

Street Royals : Cherry Blossom Festival.


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With my newfound confidence, I went photo hunting at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, San Francisco, CA. This was another perfect opportunity because it was sunny and it was an event where people would be dressed up expecting their pictures taken.

I had done this last year as well (see First Hunt), however, I did something a little different.


Handwritten cards for exposure and networking! I’ll keep it handwritten until I figure something out – but for the most part I feel that it is more personal this way.

Anyway, I was able to hand these out little by little. And as shy as I was I had to step out of my comfort zone to retrieve some photos. At first, there weren’t many Royals out there for me to take photos of, but I did manage to get a few!

On the left was a “Cross Play” meaning a male Cosplaying as a female character (Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening). And on the right was an innovative take of an Anime character Asuka from Evangelion. Both were very creative at expressing their ideal characters!


I loved the simple yukata designs along with their genuine smiles.

These two were in the same party together and I admired the young lady’s pose and her enthusiasm for the Lolita fashion! The Fire Emblem jacket was apparently custom made and in great quality after wearing it for a few years already.

Furthermore, the festival was just fashionable all around.

For those of you who I’ve met and gave my card to, thank you for your support and allowing me to take your picture! It was another great opportunity to practice and hone my photography skills.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did at the festival! Keep at it!
Once again, thank you!

Street Royal : Jerrica.


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One sunny day, I decided to go with a friend to the beach after work to take some random photos. (It has been a while since I did go out with my camera because of the wet weather that has finally quenched our drought.)

As we went along our business, a young woman suddenly came up to us asking to purchase my friend’s lighter but he generously just offered it to her for free. After observing her while they were talking, I instantly asked to take pictures of her in exchange and offered to email her the photos.


To some sort of surprise, she was ready for the camera. And as nervous as I was for doing this for the first time, I continued to take photos.

This was a great opportunity for me to practice more of my photography skills given it was a spontaneous moment. I was also able to gain some confidence in asking a stranger for her photo – which is essential to what I plan to do with my photography.

Overall, it was a really fun experience and I was also able to ask her a few questions after emailing her the photos and she gave me some delightful answers that I feel you would enjoy as much as I did.

  • Tell me a bit of yourself, your interests or hobbies?
    I love fashion, I love ALL forms of expression! So I am a professional hairstylist/barber, I am a full time student at city college, studying performing arts. In otherwords, I am leaning towards a degree in Dance! I love how music and dance can be intertwined into one, and how beautiful the human body is with precise chreography.

  • Did you have any plans prior to our encounter at the beach? aka Why did you choose to wear what you wore?
    The day we met, I actually just got off work, so I was in uniform. I dressed a little comfortable and professional and wore my ‘go to’ boots. Definitely planned to go to the beach afterwork which is why I wore that trench coat, which is by the way, a two-piece jacket :).

  • Where did you get the pieces of your outfit from? (your jacket, top, pants, shoes)
    The top I was wearing is a button up from Banana Republic, the shoes are boots from H&M, (my favorite place ever), as for the parachutte jacket, I ordered that online..hehe no one can know!ssshhh. Just kidding the website I also love to shop at is called shein.com…

  • Based on how photogenic you seem, do you enjoy having your picture taken?

    A little back story, my Mom has always been in to photography, and as children, we would be ‘forced’ to take studio pictures in our garage. I enjoyed taking these pictures ha ha ha, my brothers not so much. I had the moment to wear what I liked, put on some makeup and pose! I see photography also, as a form of expression, one that is everlasting.
    If it’s being the photographer or the person modelling, one without the other is useless…it does take two to tango! 


Based on her answers, it is evident we do have a lot of interests in common and I feel lucky to have been able to gain the courage to take her pictures and meet someone like her.

I appreciate the time she took for me to take these pictures as well as answer my questions. This really does open a wider door for me to talk to people about their unique fashion sense on the streets.

Thank you, Jerrica!!



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So I’ve been getting a few questions when I tell several people what I do regarding fashion. I find this is a good opportunity for me to actually reflect upon these questions and actually put it in writing.

  • Why fashion? Since when?

I feel that it is ever changing; through time it will always develop into something new or different. It is also a way of expressing ourselves firsthand before anything else. I have always been interested in fashion since middle school (around 2004-5?) where I followed trends – what was hot and what was not. I do remember the most common at the time was emo/punk which caught my eye most.

  • What got you into fashion designing?

I had mentioned this before in another post, but I loved drawing people, so having to think about what my figures needed to wear is what stimulated my thought process. In addition to that, while following trends, I noticed I liked specific styles and pieces that inspired me to create my own art to express and to have others express themselves as well. It wasn’t until I was in my later years in community college I decided to discipline myself after I had watched the movie Devil Wears Prada.

  • What is your background in fashion designing? What experiences do you have in it?

Once I had found what I wanted to do in my later years in community, I attempted making things without proper knowledge to the basics on pattern making (which I know now is an essential to designing). After transferring credits I studied and graduated Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with an AA in Fashion Design in 2015. Within just a year of studying, I have actually learned an enormous amount of information to kickstart my career.

  • What is your ultimate goal?

I plan to open up my own line, online. With the way this generation is developing, I find it advantageous to use the internet as an important tool for your business. Ultimately, I just want to express myself by creating art/designing.

  • Where can I view your work? Are you selling any product?

My fashion account on instagram is @theeroyalyou ; Here I try to update my progressive work as well as anything fashion related. I currently don’t have any product to sell (yet) since I am barely learning how to find a balance between a full time job and designing.