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Today I went to visit my dear friend Klaire. She is currently a freelance photographer who has an outstanding eye for art.
Knowing this, I brought the Nikon with me to acquire some pointers on the functionality of it all.


While she was tweaking with the settings, her husband had stepped in and offered his technical explanations on photography and usage of the cameras. So they brought out two mirrorless cameras and their Nikon DSLRs to use as a visual example. To my surprise I did not realize that they had already collected a decent amount of cameras (there are a lot more than what was shown).
Klaire’s husband had explained to me that he is well versed in the technicality of the cameras whilst Klaire was on the more artistic viewpoint for photography.


I had gained more insight on the aperture and ISO settings as well as which lens would work best with which result I wanted.
However he also mentioned that street photographers usually use mirrorless cameras for the mobility convenience.


All this information was very exciting and I also had the luxury to experiment with the different types of cameras and to see what I could produce with them. Now that I am aware of what I can do with this amazing tool, I can finally begin to experiment more with what I had initially planned to do.
I am grateful that I was able to retrieve such useful information from people who were very much experienced in the practice of photography already.