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Since the informative visit on Friday I have been playing with the aperture settings on the Nikon D3100 using the standard kit lens. This only allows the “F” number to reach the max of at least 4.
From what I had understood, the higher the number, the softer the background. However if I had a different lens (50mm) – which was recommended for the style of photograph that I am aiming for – the aperture limit would be higher.


This setting is ideal for me because I like to incorporate a selective focus on the subject itself. Looking at the pictures that I had taken on Friday I noticed that the soft background is more evident in objects that are closer.

For example, the pictures above display a sort of comparison to what the subject is being focused on. If anything, the eye would naturally rest on the element that presents a clearer image.


Eliminating background noise makes it easier to focus on the main piece rather than trying to conceive too much information all at once.
With that said, I had also attempted to use it on my Shunya Yamashita figure Sera Chan – to see what features would stand out and if the background seemed distracting from her.


It seems that the further away the items in the background are, the more blurry and out of focus they become; and the closer the other pieces are to the main subject, the clearer it is. Regardless, Sera Chan is still in clear view, which was the initial focus here.

As far as taking pictures of people, I will have to figure out if my standard lens on this Nikon would do any justice to what image I am trying to portray. But experimenting and practice is the beauty of it all anyway.