So as I have previously mentioned, I am currently preoccupied with my main project : my sister’s prom dress.

The deadline for this dress is May 22, 2016.
I am confident that I will finish because I already have the last prototype ready for her to try on and see if I need any last minute adjustments before I create the final product.

Although this blog is primarily about street fashion and photography, I will add in a few posts about my fashion designing to share with you all as well.

Background to this is that my sister had requested for me to design her dress back in February – that was when we initiated the entire process, from discussing, sketching and measuring to finally drafting and sewing.


A rough sketch I made for her ideal design.

After we had a general direction of what the design would be for the dress, I took her measurements and began the draping process.


Draping process.

Since she and I live in different cities, I found this part a little challenging due to the fact that I did not know whether the fit would be accurate enough or not. This is where the test fits came in handy – you can never be too sure about the fitting stage so it is always recommended to do a few test fits before moving forward. However, I did not see her as often as I should so the fitting sessions were always spaced out which prolonged the entire production.

I am currently on the last test fit using Muslin fabric before I use the Satin fabric that we had picked out. For this last test I have sewn it the way I would for the final. I have also included practice chiffon as well as closures to act like it is the exact product I am creating. Hopefully everything goes well and fits perfectly so I can move onto the next step.

More details to come.