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Personal Fashion can be defined in two ways.

1. Internal – Connecting from within and expressing yourself outwards, resulting in the clothing reflecting your personality.

2. External – Connecting from the clothing and letting the clothes speak for you, you reflect the clothing you wear.

Both situations usually account for the attitude that correlates with the fashion.

When I was in school, for my fashion illustration class we had to draw 9-head models with no facial expressions – no smiles. And I had realized that the point in this was to make the clothes speak louder than the model. This could be a good example of external Personal Fashion, which could be commonly seen on fashion runways as well.

If anything, external is more for aesthetic purposes like the runways or some photo shoots. Not saying that models are not allowed to smile but the perfect image matters more than anything. So even the situation calls for no smiling to avert the attention toward the clothing then that is what should be done.

For internal, it would be perceived more as raw moments via street fashion or events. Participants and individuals care about their image just because they want to express themselves that way. Not only are the clothes speaking but also their personality. Although this is similar to aesthetics they are more geared toward what appeals to them rather than pleasing anyone else before themselves.

Fashion nowadays is so subjective that there really is no right or wrong answer anymore. It really just all depends on the individual and the audience – whether you are just a random passerby or a model with a name.

With great fashion comes great attitude. And with great attitude comes great fashion.