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When growing up I didn’t really know what fit my style. There was an extraneous amount of experimenting for me with different types of fashion due to the lack of exposure within the industry. I wasn’t really sure what my fashion taste was but one thing for sure I did enjoy fashion.

Although even up to this day I don’t even have a specific fashion sense. I just dress according to my mood and situation or occasion.
Unless there is a specific style then there are certain “rules” to follow which I find myself pretty bad at doing.
For example if you’re aiming for Lolita, the pieces usually involve laces, ruffles, delicate fabrics and gathered skirts with a layered petticoat. Immediately seeing this type of style then generally the keyword “Lolita” comes to mind.

So what about Street Fashion?

The way I see it, I find myself more intrigued in street fashion because it seems that there are no rules to follow. It is literally expressive in itself without having to worry about what image you are trying to portray because you are the image.

There is no definition to what could be street fashion other than conveying your own personal fashion taste to the world. And there are no definite pieces to assemble with an outfit.

Street Fashion is Personal Fashion.