Working on the final product for the prom dress I feel like I’m doing too many things all at once.
It’s almost like trying to create something with two pairs of hands and they all tend to get tangled with each other.

Compared to the test fit I have to consider the lace for the bodice which does in a sense change up the sewing sequence – this is where the intricate attention to detail is very much necessary.


My game plan for finishing this final product (basically my to-do sewing sequence):

1. Bodice side seams to secure the lace
2. Baste gathered chiffon to skirt
3. Connect bodice to skirt
4. Connect lining to self fabric on neckline – must sandwich the chiffon shoulder strap between lining and self fabric
5. Hand stitch lace on the self fabric for security
6. Secure lining to the self
7. Zipper
8. Hem

Although this does seem like a handful of tasks I at least have it organized in checklist form to knock them out of the way. And the tasks themselves are fairly simple.
However it is always easier said than done so I need to give myself a good time cushion for any errors or mistakes let alone prom is this Saturday..

Updates to come very soon.