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I did it! I finally finished my prom dress project!
It is such a relief finally getting it out of my hands..
Come to think of it.. This dress is actually the first dress I made for someone else since I graduated from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising).

Let alone it is actually my first evening gown product. I didn’t have the chance to learn how to make it in school so I just went with what I already knew and just applied the same techniques. And although I did graduate fashion school I still learned a lot from this – good and bad.

Good side was that I was able to retain the important information of paying attention to details that I was taught and practice it properly. I also handled delicate/lightweight fabrics like chiffon and silks that I honestly avoided when in school; and, to my surprise, I was able to work with it without the major slipping that these fabrics are known for.
Bad side was that I literally took longer than expected finally getting to this point due to conflict of scheduling and last minute fit requests. I had spent more time with the test fitting than I did with the actual fabric that I – in a way – rushed to get it all done. I did not give myself a bigger time window or did not time manage properly.
For this fact, I will take into a higher consideration to work on improving for future products.

However, all in all, the feeling of actually completing this project from start to finish is almost surreal.. And it somehow heightens my confidence to design more and more.
The idea of being able to transform a pile of fabric into a wearable garment is what appeals to me as a designer and what sparks my passion.

The way I see it, this Prom Dress Project is only the beginning of something much more grand that I have yet to develop with my skills and potential in the near future.
As much as I wanted to post an image of the final product I will wait until she wears it on the actual event on Saturday. So look forward to pictures soon!