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Would you rather spend more money on a custom made outfit that is tailored to your body and preferences, or would you rather save more money by purchasing an outfit that is from a retail store?

There are pros and cons to each.

Getting it custom made is making it unique a.k.a one of a kind. Custom made is exactly what it means, the specific measurements are unique to that specific size so it should give a more comfortable fit. Price ranges always vary depending on fabric, design and manual labor. And as far as I know, no work comes cheap, so expect to pay an arm and a leg for the quality you ask for.

However, fast fashion goes through mass production, meaning there are thousands+ of the same garments in its basic sizes (XS, S, M, L, etc). These are mainly found in common retail stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc. The clothing is “pre-made” and ready to sell and wear (hence, the term ready-to-wear) While there is nothing unique about each piece of garment to another, outfit coordinating can still be different than the rest. And since there is a mass amount of the same garments, the price would not be as excessively high compared to custom made.

I guess it could be dependent on situation as well.
For special occasions such as an elegant event (i.e. prom or a wedding), having your outfit tailored would probably be a more preferred option. Why? For various reasons like having the perfect fit but also making sure that there is none like the other – it is all in a part of making the event as memorable as you can.
As far as casual wear, I would not assume that tailor fitting and custom made garments would be completely necessarily. Paying high price for an informal day to the park or a BBQ does not sound as practical as it should.

But I could be wrong. And maybe some would prefer to just have everything fit their bodies because that is just how comfortable they are with spending their money on better items, while others would just feel comfortable purchasing their clothes on the spot and wearing them in an instant.

So, which are you more interested in? Custom made garments or fast fashion garments?