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I apologize it has been quite some time since I have actually posted anything.
For the most part I have been spending a lot of time with my new camera getting used to it. Currently using the Canon Rebel SL1 DSLR with the 50mm lens – and I must say I am falling in love with it each and every time I use it!


The reason why I chose this camera is because I had read that it’s the smallest DSLR Canon has made. I wanted to stick with Canon because I already had the 50mm lens given to me (Thank you, Uncle!)
Judging by the reviews of this camera based off Canon’s official website, it is lightweight, easy to use and more compact to bring around.
It is basically perfect what I would use it for along with the lens.

The lens itself has given me some really great shots that I am very satisfied with! Since it is a portrait based type of lens I am basically set with using this set up for now.

For example I went out to San Francisco’s Haight & Ashbury and took some random shots. However, I did come across a Royal which seemed like a picture perfect opportunity for me.


The quality is very clear and everything just fit so nicely to me.

Another example I have is going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium a few weeks ago. This was my first time taking the camera out with the lens as well.


The lens captured the main subject while the remaining subjects in the picture blurred out. This type of technique is commonly known as bokeh, where the foreground and background are clearly distinguished. I seem to have a particular liking to this type of style although I am aware it has to be used properly.

For now I am still getting used to this lens because I realized it is fixed – there is no zoom in/out function so I actually have to move around to get the full picture I am aiming for.

There is more to see on my Instagram and please stay tuned for more!