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Yesterday’s Fourth of July photo hunt was a big success for me.
Since it was a celebration of America’s Independence Day I wanted to capture the Patriotic Spirit through the many ways my Royals would represent the Star Spangled Banner.

And rather than waving around the American flag, many folks wore shirts with it as a logo.

And if it wasn’t a logo it would be the entire article of clothing inspired by the American flag.

Or they would rock the Red, White and Blue in other types of fashion accessory or item which I found very creative.

Assimilating a Japanese paper lantern with an American flag design.

“Comfort of America.”

It was, in a way, captivating for me to see so many different and creative ways to wear the American Flag with pride. And what better way to document it than on the Fourth of July, where Americans have been simultaneously celebrating the Declaration of Independence since 1776.
And as proud as they are, they wouldn’t have represented their country any other way than to rock the iconic Red, White and Blue.

Happy Independence Day!