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Where do you go for inspiration? Where does your inspiration come from?
What process do you use to exercise your creativity?

From school, I had learned an exercise in my Creative Design Applications class where we just sketch a cluster of ideas or designs and then filter them out from the better to the not-so-better ones. I found this exercise to be very effective as it enables my mind to expand on creativity and inspiration.

Sometimes when I do this exercise, I tend to hit a roadblock, so then I refer back to what had inspired me in the first place – my fashion magazines. For me there is always something to be in awe and mesmerized by within the pages.

However, if looking through these photos do not happen to inspire at the given moment, then I just take a break from brainstorming and start again later. From experience, I believe it is always a good idea to put a project down for a short amount of time as a breather so you can come back to it once again but this time with a fresh start.

You don’t want to run the mile if you’re short of breath.

You would be surprised at the many ideas that spawn after sketching one garments after another. Sometimes you could just start off with one simple design, which could then multiply into a few complex ones.

Inspiration should come to you naturally – forcing yourself to be inspired doesn’t produce the same or even satisfying result doing so.