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Ivory Futaba by Danny Choo. Two-piece laced top & skirt by me.

Not too long ago, I had purchased my very own Smart Doll by Danny Choo – Ivory Futaba.
And according to her innovative creator, today is her birthday!

So, other than me making her a dress, I wanted to celebrate with you all by sharing a few details about my purchase as well as an elaborate review of the product.

What is a Smart Doll?
To simply put it, a Smart Doll is basically a 1/3 scale fashion doll designed by Danny Choo.
More information on this product is on the above link.

Why purchase a Smart Doll?
There are many reasons why one would purchase a Smart Doll; to appreciate Japanese culture, to expand on their hobbies, or for fashion. I, however, bought one for reasons being that it would basically be my mini mannequin.

  • Designing on a smaller scale to save money/fabric and displaying my products on a doll rather than a human body to avoid fluctuation of body sizes.
  • Displaying products consistently to build a clean and organized portfolio.
  • Ball-Jointed Doll : I have always taken a liking to ball-jointed dolls for as long as I can remember for the ability to pose and move around

Danny Choo had also mentioned these useful pointers which had immediately caught my attention to design and display in a different approach. Of course before I made this big purchase I read his Design Philosophy (that I had mentioned in an earlier post) which explained the journey to the creation of his ingenious inventions and the techniques and, literally, his philosophy as an artist which he applies to the dolls.
He also advises that you read it as well before making this purchase.

Smart Doll Review : Ivory Futaba

I chose Ivory Futaba because she had the standard model image that I was going for with my designs. If I wanted to switch up the hair and/or eyes I could easily buy the wigs or lenses from the Culture Japan shop. Along with having the standard image I noticed a lot of the other dolls were getting a lot of fame – so I went against the grain.

Delivery time did not take no more than a week in a big box with “SMART DOLL” across it. Upon opening the box is the tote bag pictured above filled with its respective contents:

  • Smart Doll Ivory – she travels on her knees for more room (and, according to Danny, traveling overseas while standing can be a bit tiring)
  • her wig
  • default underwear – since I am going to design clothes I didn’t think it would be necessary to purchase any
  • white heels – this was the only accessory I will find myself purchasing more so outfits can match and all
  • Moekana cards – random vocabulary Japanese flashcards also designed by Danny Choo
  • telescopic stand for support

Everything was well organized and carefully packaged which is always very satisfying after making an online purchase in general. Finally, opening the main item I notice that smallest details in the body structure and overall design. While she is literally half my body size (I am only 5’2”) the proportions still seems appropriate as opposed to a Barbie Doll.

But also there are the other smaller details that only intrigued me more.


Adding a touch of reality by incorporating the palm lines.

The default underwear comes with a white cami and white panties that she is wearing in these pictures.

So, with that said, she will be another useful tool for me to design and create my portfolio. And although this is the only outfit I created for her so far, there will definitely be more to come.

Happy Birthday Ivory!