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Laced Outfit by me.

As you all know I had designed my Smart Doll’s outfit for her birthday.
Since this is my first outfit for this doll, I just want to share my thoughts about it.

As I had predicted, designing on a smaller scale is significantly different than designing on a full scale. I had also noticed that the time it took was shorter along with the amount of work space it required.
Despite all this, I was not used to the proportions at all.

The current design was not the original design – I had to alter the outfit based on her body. While I did not execute the original design, I managed to make it work and still had the main silhouette of the outfit.
And even though I did not have the basic pattern blocks to base the patterns on, I had to drape the fabric to make it look more fit.

So far, I am satisfied with the result and I can only continue to make more outfits to get used to designing at a smaller scale and to get accustomed to her proportions. Although I’m designing on a different size, it will give me practice to blow up the scale to full size.

With that said, there will definitely be more designs to look forward to!