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My first priority is designing.
My second priority is presenting myself as a designer.
My third is sharing my art with others.

Since I was very little I was always an artist. I knew that was my talent – my passion.
It wasn’t until recently I began to take this passion to a more serious level.

I realize that what had taken me so long was me lacking the drive in all the right places. And I figure the more I learn about myself my drive slowly but surely moves me further. From this I have developed better habits (recording thoughts and ideas, looking out and researching for inspiration) as I mitigate the bad ones.

Before I understood anything about fashion I had the misconception that everything had to be expensive for no apparent reason and if there was a reason it would only be because it had a big name to it. Back when my passion for fashion was still dormant in my earlier years of college I do recall shopping in Las Vegas, Nevada and stepping foot into a clothing store called “FCUK” – the name was obviously appealing to me (also funny – I have to admit) and I wanted to take a look at what kind of pieces they had in store there.
So I did my usual shopping routine by walking around and taking glances as well as price checking. But that’s what got to me – the prices. A basic white t-shirt with the FCUK logo printed across costed approximately $60! The only thing I do remember feeling was confusion but thinking to myself “F*** that!”

Taken aback by the overly priced simplicity of the item I left the store feeling overwhelmed and never compelled myself to think about fashion ever again.

The fact that I couldn’t afford any brand pieces was what discouraged me into being any interested in joining the fashion industry. Looking back at it now, I know I’m dead wrong. Fashion has always been relevant to me and I was too ignorant at the time to delve into this trade – because I was mostly afraid. The fear of the unknown is what limited me to pursuing something that had been my calling from the very beginning. While I partially blame myself, I can’t. I was young.

As I pursue my calling, not only am I learning about fashion, I am also learning about myself – what I like, what I don’t like, what inspires me, what moves me, etc. And the more I learn and live it, the more I feel the quality of life holds a greater value. Optimizing the quality of my life is most likely the first step I took to making a change in perspective.

One concept that I always believed in is that everything in life is art because life itself is art. We are all artists in many different ways.

We paint our lives, we design our lives, we build our lives. And the quality of life is based on the value we put into it.

The same aspect goes with artists and their work.

Then worth follows after.