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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of recording a dear friend of mine I met from school two years ago, Tiffany.

The photograph session was actually pretty simple considering she knew how to pose and had the right attitude for it. Nothing was particularly challenging given we were just being casual about the collaboration so it just felt natural for the both of us.

I had always found her style of fashion to be remotely unique yet befitting to her.

Other than collecting photographs of her personal style, I also asked her general questions regarding fashion and her own view of it that I would like to share with you all.

  • What makes the fashion industry interesting to you?
    The fashion industry is a place where you can combine every experience, knowledge and technique in order to create something different. The fashion industry gives you space to feel different, and it allows us to embrace every culture that can’t limit us when we design.
  • What would you call your personal style?
    My personal style is really a mix of everything. I’m currently in the mood for 90’s inspired clothing where patches and pops of color are very important. Other than that I play with clothing that focus more on silhouette rather than color.
  •   What inspires you and your sense of fashion?
    I think my experiences inspires me a lot. I like to incorporate a lot of my personal stories, within each look I do.
  •  How does your style make you feel?
    I think my style lets me feel comfortable wherever I go. I hate wearing anything that destroys comfort. I mean we can look good, but we can feel bad.
  • Do you have a favourite designer? If so, who?
    My favourite designer so far has always been Alexander Wang. I really like how his designs can transcend into different categories.You can either dress it up for important events, or dress it down just to lounge in at home.
  • Extra comments to share?
    Don’t let others create your fashion, let you be the one to decide what you are gonna wear.

Her answers were inspirational and invigorating that I just had to share them and hope that you find some form of motivation from it.

I do look forward to recording more of her outfits to display a variety of different styles from her and everybody else I plan to blog about in the future. As my first Royal to write about, I am glad I chose her – it gives me confidence to work with others to find more about their perception about fashion.


Thanks, Tiff!