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What is an artist?
What is the definition of successful?
What makes an artist successful?

When looking at art (in the most holistic of ways) I tend to analyze the underlying image behind the project. From observing the various kinds of pieces – painting, designing, and even music – I have found my own answers to those questions above. However, they would be answered in the reverse order from how they were asked.

  • First off, what makes an artist successful is how they step out of their comfort zone. The fact that they have no boundaries means they can reach their potential in expressing what their intentions were when they designed their project; they are not limited to anything. Also, they do not lose time worrying and being insecure about how people will receive it. This helps them exercise the mentality that anything can be art and increase their vision into believing that anything can be an inspiration.
  • Successful art is practically subjective. However, it is generally dependent on how well one pays attention to both detail and quality along with the technique of properly exhibiting their work to make it aesthetically appealing.
  • An artist is one who practices all of the above, but also does not create for an audience. They create for themselves. Their art reflects who they are, which makes the audience see and know it. If one knows how to market their product, they will naturally gain interest from different audiences of all sorts. They make people know it is art just with the piece itself.

An artist knows that it is not about making a product, but expressing who they are, how they are and what they feel, think, see or hear.

Keeping these points in mind will be a useful exercise to get the creative juices flowing. I highly suggest trying it out, you would be surprised at the results you achieve.

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