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One little fun fact about me is that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. When I see an opportunity to dress up, then I dress up!

This Halloween was pretty different this year since it turned out I had three opportunities to do so! It was super exciting to be able to figure out which day I had to choose my outfits.

Here are the results :

Thursday, October 28.


My job had a Halloween event after work so to keep it appropriate I wore casual clothing with a mini petticoat but to still dress up I put on a straight long wig with the ears and a tail along with the bell collar to represent a black kitty cat. (I avoided putting whiskers on my face because I didn’t want to worry about smudging while working.)

Monday, October 31. DAY OF.


I went for my Pikachu Kigurumi (which is evidently a “onesie” pajama from Japan) during the day of for work. It kept me super comfortable and just natural to wear it. Nothing too exiting since it was a basic costume of a very well known character from Pokemon.

Finally, the NIGHT OF. I did something new for Halloween night.



I dressed up as a Purger from the American movie The Purge!
With this costume I wore the mask, with a thin jacket, black cotton dress with fishnet stockings and boots. I added the wig to give my costume a little bit more femininity and a bat as a prop weapon.

For those of you unfamiliar with the film, it is basically about a society where they annually celebrate what they call “Purge Night” – meaning for 12 hours all crime including murder is legal. So for those who participate in Purge Night they all tend to wear masks – that I honestly think is very aesthetically appealing.

Anyway, I have always wanted to dress up as one just for the heck of it and what better opportunity to do so on Halloween! But that wasn’t the only fun part – I got to do a photo shoot with it as well! And the results are more than astonishing.

That night it was cold and slightly raining, so trying to maintain my composure took more effort than usual. However, after seeing a few of the results in progress, I began to get used to the game and owned it.

It was fairly simple to pose with less people and cars around since my outfit would seem to terrify people – and that wasn’t my main intention on that night.

I was able to get a few without the mask – to add the “bad attitude” vibe to it. In a sense, it almost looks like an Anime character in real life, or as my friends and I like to call it “The Purge – Anime Style”.

So, that was my Halloween night this year – cinematic photo shoots near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. One thing I did learn from taking photos that night was that even though there were poor lighting conditions and inconvenient weather, results were still satisfying.

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween night along with these photos I shared.
Until next Tuesday!