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You may or may not be prone to artist block. Either way, that’s okay.
All you really need to know is how to mitigate this phase during your creative process with the following steps.

  1. Identify that you have artist’s block. Some common traits features the lack of motivation nor the drive to do anything. Sometimes during this phase, when one creates a product they would not feel satisfied with the result, or the specific image they had took a different direction than expected. This could cause a personal dissatisfaction toward their skill which may lead discouragement to attempt working on new products.
  2. Figure out what the possible causes are for your artist’s block. This could be a whole lot of random factors that we don’t always keep in mind. Stress, lack of time due to a busy schedule or all sorts of distractions such as monetary issues with little to no relevance are just the very few. Also the little things that we don’t take into consideration much includes prolonging your plans longer than expected, your comfort with current situations and routine repetition can also play a big role into your artist block. However these are all common issues that the every day person may come across.
  3. Attempt to do something about it. The following suggestions may aid in “curing” this condition. However the degree at how effective the solution may be dependent on your current situations and varies pertaining to lifestyle status (age, routine, money).
    *Rekindle your passion for your art by looking back at what had sparked your interest in the first place. Think about it this way, you chose to invest your time in it for a while now, why stop now?
    *Allow yourself to adapt to change one step at a time. Sometimes you have to break the routine once in a while – like organizing your shelves or rearranging your bedroom; something very small could make a big difference in how you go about your average day. Start off with those small changes then work your way up to bigger ones.
    *Once you’ve gotten used to change, take a vacation. This is a more invigorating term for taking a break. Show yourself something new by exploring a different scene – you’ll never know, inspiration may spark somewhere and the influence from someplace both new and different could result in something possibly refreshing. You also don’t have to go through the more extravagant versions of a typical vacation like visiting Hawaii. You can literally just take a trip in the next town over that’s at least hours away and go sight seeing.
    *Last but not least, pick up a distraction that is completely different so long as it’s productive – this will get your focus away from what you’ve been stressing about. After some time, you’ll eventually want to get back to your original focus.

Hopefully this insight will be of use to you or anyone you know who goes through artist’s block. As much as I make it sound like a serious “condition”, it can actually be very stressful and, personally, sometimes serious to not be able to produce the products you want to produce, coming from a creative person who is highly prone to artist block.

So just remember these options for if you are ever feeling any way unproductive and you’ll be able to pick your groove back up in no time 🙂