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Do you ever think about how passionate you are with a talent or skill that you tend to analyze what got you interested in the first place?

For me, my skill is obviously fashion.
But what started it?

Simple answer for a simple question : Art.

As vague as that sounds, it’s literally the one trade that I have always been passionate about since day one. Meaning, for as long as I can remember, I was always drawing; because that was what I really enjoyed to do. Even my mum told me that at the age of two, I taught myself how to hold a pencil. To me, it sounds a little unbelievable; however, now that I think about it, drawing was always a big part of my life.


But it wasn’t the concept of drawing that I enjoyed – it was what I loved to draw.
When I was younger, I would just draw random characters – people.
And with each person I drew, I had to think about what they needed to wear, so then I had to constantly think about designing an outfit for them that would match the character I was trying to portray.
Note : When I get access to my old files I promise I’ll share some of my ancient works with you all.

It was the constant thought process of figuring out what clothes to draw.

Before I even realized it, I had conditioned myself to think about fashion. And it just grew to me. My interest had expanded to where I actually pursued it by going to school and gained knowledge about fashion designing.


As a result, that is the one path that I am thankful for choosing. I would have never seen myself choosing any other path regarding my career. A born artist, and designer still in the making.

I hope you had all enjoyed my little backstory about how I gained my trade.
I would love to hear some from you all as well, it would be interesting to hear different backgrounds from different artists or skilled individuals.

All in all, thank you for reading.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and until next week!