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How many times is a compliment on an outfit followed up with where the piece came from?

For example..
Person 1: “I like your shirt!”
Person 2: “Thanks! I got it from ___.”

For the most part the answer to the blank space tends to surprise people, but why?

Is it from the expectations or standards that the place has? Or maybe the piece itself has a lower monetary value but  with nice quality?

Sometimes that’s how I feel with Ross clothing stores. I tend to find it unbelievable to find decent deals on specific items – especially in the fashion department.

And this week I will share with you some of my favourite pieces I got from Ross.

First, is a laced dress.


Sleeveless and exposed back with twisted straps behind. With the hem at knee length it has a lower length at the back. I really enjoy this dress in the Spring because it is very lightweight and it sets the seasonal mood with the off white shade. Only problem wearing this dress is the see through aspect due to the thin fabric and soft white colour.

Next is a sweet black dress.


The cross straped design on the upper chest area gives it a more edgy look to this semi-formal dress. I enjoy wearing this piece for special occasions like business casual gatherings or night clubbing.

Next featured item is a tea party blouse.


The chiffon material gives it a very delicate feel best for attending tea parties or for dates and the gathered neckline with the tied string bow gives it a very feminine look. Although it is noticeably thin, a nude or hint of floral undershirt could solve this problem.

Fourth item for show is a Letterman inspired jacket.


Pretty thick inside yet lightweight, I stay very warm with this on a casual day out. To prevent myself from heating up quickly I tend to wear a thin shirt or tank top inside. I enjoy this layering piece because it’s very simple yet the white stripes give it a pop of style to its fashion.

Last item is a wide turtleneck sweater.


For those of you who know Ross stores in the Juniors’ section, “Love” logos are constant among their pieces. I enjoy this sweater for chill hangouts or super casual dates. The oversized turtleneck is always a fun style to rock along with keeping my neck and chin warm.

Well that was all for the featured pieces that were purchased at an unbelievably low price from Ross. (that was only some of them too) It’s almost like treasure hunting when shopping here because you’ll never really know what you could end up finding.

Also it also shows that you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money for clothes of any ocassion. As the store advertises “Dress For Less” that’s literally what it is. Oddly enough, a lot of my clothes in my closet are from Ross mixed in with a bunch of other retailers that I will share with you very soon.

Hope you enjoyed my mini closet collection and I’m curious to know if you had any pieces that came from one store as well.

What’s in your closet?

Thanks for reading, until next Tuesday!