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This week is another closet collection featuring a recurring theme: Cats.

I am not particularly biased between cats or dogs, I just tend to find myself choosing cats lately. These recent purchases says a whole lot about how much attracted I am to them.

First off is a sailor sweater.

Other than the cute sailor style, the graphic cat designs popping out of the pockets give it a playful feel to it. And the back of the sweater is written “Misnon” for whatever reason I have not figured out, but it must be part of the brand.

Next up is Sleepy Kitty.

The embroidery on this sweater expresses a sense of comfortability and relaxation – reflecting the sleeping cat. I tend to wear this when I sleep or on comfortable almost lazy days.

Last but not least, the obvious.

The direct phrase on this hoodie almost blatantly expresses my interest in cat fashion and cats in general. What I love the most is how the hood actually has cat ears!

Well, that was it for the cat fashion for now. Maybe I should have showcased it in a cat walk instead? 😜

I just wanted to share these few pieces to show the playful and cuteness of my closet collection. What about your closet? Any recurring theme like graphic shirts or similar fabrics you find yourself wearing often?

Thanks for reading!