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So.. I know it has been a very good time since I’ve updated – and I sincerely apologize.
For this, I’ll be transparent.

Managing this blog as other priorities caught up with me became nearly difficult and, truth be told, almost stressful. It’s not that I did not prioritize this blog, I began to lack material and I ran out of things to present to the table every week. However, I believe this three month gap has been more than enough time for me to be able to pick things back up and running.

With that said, I do have a handful of great news for you all!
First I’ll just start off with the updating and slowly get back on track with the whole blogging routine.

Here are some updates you will be looking forward to:

  • I acquired my own little office/workspace that I can finally designate my creative workflow and organize my designs in!
  • I finally made pattern blocks for my Smart Doll Ivory (or Ivy for short) to start drafting and assembling clothes her size.
  • I am in the process of replacing my laptop and obtained a new phone for video recording tutorials and demonstrations.
  • Spring time is here! Meaning photography sessions will be taking place once again.

In other words, my resources have significantly grown since the last time I had updated and this promises a great amount of material for me to share with all of you. And like so, I will continue to post every Tuesday of the week for consistency.

I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding throughout my inconsistency and hope that this time I will hold up to updates – I should have no reason not to at this point.

So until then, I hope you’re as excited as I am!