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Now that I have a designated work station for designing, my main focus right now is to balance out my schedule between working a full time job and going to the office space to work on my designs.

So far, so good.

As of right now I am just revisiting what I know and what I have learned to practice techniques and remembering little tips and tricks to get the ball rolling. Honestly, coming back from an elongated break from designing proves how much time I have to invest in my skills for it to actually show and pay off.

And as far as how my projects are going, I definitely want to start by reducing my fabric library that I have built. To me (and some of my fellow designer friends), we find that collecting/hoarding fabric is almost like collecting anything else – be it games, toys, clothes, accessories, etc. The tough part is actually using it – to actually make something out of them.

Although it doesn’t seem like I have accumulated a significant amount, I want to actually make something out of these. There was a reason why I bought them right?

And since they are mostly woven fabric (the threads in the fabric that weave vertically & horizontally), I already have some ideas for only very few of them while others I still need to think through. Some will be used on my Smart Doll if the fabric doesn’t permit me to make a full size garment.

This definitely gives me a chance to get back into practice while emptying out my fabric drawers and start fresh with fabric that I will actually use for the official designs that I look forward to eventually creating.
So before I work on any major projects, I have to start off somewhere and what better way than to practice on old fabrics that I already have?
I will get around to updating you on my progress and share what I have going on as the time goes by.

Until then, like with any skill/craft/trade, I will continue to invest time to practice – because, like they all say.. “Practice makes better!”