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While you can’t really identify everything or anything that causes you to easily lose motivation, a lot of factors are heavily involved when you do.
And if you are anywhere near goal orientated toward a specific trade, you most probably find yourself fighting with yourself to get your work done.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you would be prone to losing your ambition and how you can kickstart your momentum by reducing the stress regarding your dilemma :

  • Low self esteem / Insecurities
    This is definitely a huge factor in losing one’s motive to do anything.
    Insecurities will constantly cause people to ask themselves “What if I’m not good enough?”  They often ask this, but more than half the time they would not even know the exact reason why. To put it bluntly, who are you trying to impress? What do you find yourself benefitting from caring too much about what others think?
    Low self esteem will cause people to compare themselves to others and probably think “They’re better than me.” And honestly, coming from experience, this is one of the highest forms of self sabotage.
  • Doubts
    There are two kinds of doubts : one is derived from oneself, and the second is derived from others.
    Doubting yourself goes hand in hand with having low self esteem and insecurities. It can also cause unnecessary limitations and fear within yourself from actually producing anything.
    When others doubt you, it still goes hand in hand since it can trigger your self doubt and sabotage your mental strength. But you should ask yourself, “Why does it matter?” Keep in mind that in the end it’s you who are doing all the work.

    It’s your own potential and only you know what you are capable of.

  • Time
    Don’t see time as a schedule, it makes you keep track of it. This could cause a type of anxiety or fear that may discourage you to even try. Instead, see time as an opportunity to manage when you can allocate to work and practice. Realize that you have time – a lot of it. Taking things day by day and learning from baby steps will help you achieve a technique to allocate your time the way you have tailored it to be.
    One suggestion I would recommend is to pause what usually takes up a lot of your time that doesn’t benefit you (i.e. social media, over-socializing, etc) and give yourself at least a week (or two, if you wanna get fancy) to build a streak. This is almost like running a free trial, and after this test period, see how you feel as a result; chances are the results are something desirable – you invested your time in it, after all.

    Last, but not least..

  • Fear
    If you haven’t noticed already, fear stems from everything on the list. Fear of yourself, of others and of time, it is the deciding factor as to why you would hold back. Allowing fear to take over is like letting it control your life, when you need to realize that you are in charge of your own life and fear will get you nowhere.

While these aren’t what could be all of what you may be experiencing during your motivation loss, it may be a start to helping you analyze what could be the problem.
And yes, a lot of it does involve self awareness – but it’s always the better thing to be aware of yourself to achieve goals and to make plans along the way.
Just think to yourself : What is my goal? Why?

You are the only one who can find yourself capable of thinking that you can do it and that you know you have the means to do it. Nothing and no one is stopping you, and you should allow it.

So if you are struggling with seeking motivation, I do hope that some of these pointers will aid you in the right direction. Also, one very important thing to keep in mind is that you are not the only one going through this kind of situation – everybody struggles with motivation, it is only natural and common; you aren’t alone (I, myself, am struggling with this dilemma almost all the time)

Even if you feel like it will come back, just be prepared when the time comes. I wish you the best of luck and I believe that anybody who has motivational issues can overcome it – it literally just takes a little courage and time.