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So I’ve been getting a few questions when I tell several people what I do regarding fashion. I find this is a good opportunity for me to actually reflect upon these questions and actually put it in writing.

  • Why fashion? Since when?

I feel that it is ever changing; through time it will always develop into something new or different. It is also a way of expressing ourselves firsthand before anything else. I have always been interested in fashion since middle school (around 2004-5?) where I followed trends – what was hot and what was not. I do remember the most common at the time was emo/punk which caught my eye most.

  • What got you into fashion designing?

I had mentioned this before in another post, but I loved drawing people, so having to think about what my figures needed to wear is what stimulated my thought process. In addition to that, while following trends, I noticed I liked specific styles and pieces that inspired me to create my own art to express and to have others express themselves as well. It wasn’t until I was in my later years in community college I decided to discipline myself after I had watched the movie Devil Wears Prada.

  • What is your background in fashion designing? What experiences do you have in it?

Once I had found what I wanted to do in my later years in community, I attempted making things without proper knowledge to the basics on pattern making (which I know now is an essential to designing). After transferring credits I studied and graduated Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with an AA in Fashion Design in 2015. Within just a year of studying, I have actually learned an enormous amount of information to kickstart my career.

  • What is your ultimate goal?

I plan to open up my own line, online. With the way this generation is developing, I find it advantageous to use the internet as an important tool for your business. Ultimately, I just want to express myself by creating art/designing.

  • Where can I view your work? Are you selling any product?

My fashion account on instagram is @theeroyalyou ; Here I try to update my progressive work as well as anything fashion related. I currently don’t have any product to sell (yet) since I am barely learning how to find a balance between a full time job and designing.