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One sunny day, I decided to go with a friend to the beach after work to take some random photos. (It has been a while since I did go out with my camera because of the wet weather that has finally quenched our drought.)

As we went along our business, a young woman suddenly came up to us asking to purchase my friend’s lighter but he generously just offered it to her for free. After observing her while they were talking, I instantly asked to take pictures of her in exchange and offered to email her the photos.


To some sort of surprise, she was ready for the camera. And as nervous as I was for doing this for the first time, I continued to take photos.

This was a great opportunity for me to practice more of my photography skills given it was a spontaneous moment. I was also able to gain some confidence in asking a stranger for her photo – which is essential to what I plan to do with my photography.

Overall, it was a really fun experience and I was also able to ask her a few questions after emailing her the photos and she gave me some delightful answers that I feel you would enjoy as much as I did.

  • Tell me a bit of yourself, your interests or hobbies?
    I love fashion, I love ALL forms of expression! So I am a professional hairstylist/barber, I am a full time student at city college, studying performing arts. In otherwords, I am leaning towards a degree in Dance! I love how music and dance can be intertwined into one, and how beautiful the human body is with precise chreography.

  • Did you have any plans prior to our encounter at the beach? aka Why did you choose to wear what you wore?
    The day we met, I actually just got off work, so I was in uniform. I dressed a little comfortable and professional and wore my ‘go to’ boots. Definitely planned to go to the beach afterwork which is why I wore that trench coat, which is by the way, a two-piece jacket :).

  • Where did you get the pieces of your outfit from? (your jacket, top, pants, shoes)
    The top I was wearing is a button up from Banana Republic, the shoes are boots from H&M, (my favorite place ever), as for the parachutte jacket, I ordered that online..hehe no one can know!ssshhh. Just kidding the website I also love to shop at is called shein.com…

  • Based on how photogenic you seem, do you enjoy having your picture taken?

    A little back story, my Mom has always been in to photography, and as children, we would be ‘forced’ to take studio pictures in our garage. I enjoyed taking these pictures ha ha ha, my brothers not so much. I had the moment to wear what I liked, put on some makeup and pose! I see photography also, as a form of expression, one that is everlasting.
    If it’s being the photographer or the person modelling, one without the other is useless…it does take two to tango! 


Based on her answers, it is evident we do have a lot of interests in common and I feel lucky to have been able to gain the courage to take her pictures and meet someone like her.

I appreciate the time she took for me to take these pictures as well as answer my questions. This really does open a wider door for me to talk to people about their unique fashion sense on the streets.

Thank you, Jerrica!!