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With my newfound confidence, I went photo hunting at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, San Francisco, CA. This was another perfect opportunity because it was sunny and it was an event where people would be dressed up expecting their pictures taken.

I had done this last year as well (see First Hunt), however, I did something a little different.


Handwritten cards for exposure and networking! I’ll keep it handwritten until I figure something out – but for the most part I feel that it is more personal this way.

Anyway, I was able to hand these out little by little. And as shy as I was I had to step out of my comfort zone to retrieve some photos. At first, there weren’t many Royals out there for me to take photos of, but I did manage to get a few!

On the left was a “Cross Play” meaning a male Cosplaying as a female character (Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening). And on the right was an innovative take of an Anime character Asuka from Evangelion. Both were very creative at expressing their ideal characters!


I loved the simple yukata designs along with their genuine smiles.

These two were in the same party together and I admired the young lady’s pose and her enthusiasm for the Lolita fashion! The Fire Emblem jacket was apparently custom made and in great quality after wearing it for a few years already.

Furthermore, the festival was just fashionable all around.

For those of you who I’ve met and gave my card to, thank you for your support and allowing me to take your picture! It was another great opportunity to practice and hone my photography skills.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did at the festival! Keep at it!
Once again, thank you!