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Hey all! I’m finally back from my birthday solo trip! (So sorry for missing last week’s post, I was still on vacation!) But oh do I have a treat for you!!

Destination : Seattle, Washington.. All aboard!

On my train ride to Seattle, I had the pleasure to meet a fellow traveler, who I felt had Royal potential, Nikki.

After formally introducing ourselves and sitting next to each other, we had conversed about interests and exchanged life stories. When she had changed her outfit when we were near our said destination, I knew I just had to photograph it. I was just so fascinated with her style and I had promised myself to come back with just one Royal from this trip.

Luckily, she obliged to my request as we had a very brisk photo shoot.

The one unique fact she told me about herself is that she has a lot of dreams even for a very short amount of sleep time. She definitely has a vivid imagination that, in a sense, reflects her style!

She was a very friendly and open minded person who told me what to look forward to in Washington, which in turn excited and comforted me about this trip even more.

I felt very lucky to have met someone like her to help me forget about my nervousness about this solo trip.

I usually have a questionnaire for my Royals but I didn’t have the perfect opportunity for her while on the train ride and after I came back from vacation. However, I am still very thankful for this opportunity and glad to have come home with a Royal story to share with you!

Again, thank you, Nikki!