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These past few weeks I’ve been busy with moving around that I didn’t get to update, but I did find a few things I do want to share with you.

When I was applying to attend Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising during the Summer of 2014, we were required to submit a project according to our respective majors alongside the application itself.

Prior to starting my education at FIDM, I honestly did not know very much about fashion designing at all. So the terms “mood board”, “croqui” and “fabric swatch” weren’t at all familiar to me. I tried my best. And this is what I came up with :

First was the mood board.

My understanding of a mood board was a collage that literally set the mood of my designs and inspiration. I chose Japanese fashion – as I have been.

Next, the croquis alongside the fabric swatch. From the given results, I’d like to say I hit the definition on the dot.

As far as I can recall the school provided the template for the sketch models and I had just randomly chosen the swatches and made an educated guess as to what piece I wanted to use the fabric for.

Looking back at it now, I am very grateful that the project requirements were assigned with the application. This gives me the opportunity to reflect on the knowledge I had before FIDM and after.

Plus, I always find it fun to revisit my artistic past – it surprises me sometimes to see the effort I put into the details.

In addition, I hope you enjoyed these pre-educated designs as much as I do!