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Ever had big plans for yourself and your future, and when the expected time frame finally comes around, the results aren’t exactly what you had in mind?

Yup, that’s me. (And a bunch of other people I have been talking to recently.)
For some odd reason, the unexpected turn of events between a few of my fellow Royals and I have all come into sync. It’s not that we all have the same exact situation, but the fact that we are all struggling to get our personal flow going to get our work done means that it doesn’t matter what the skill pertains to.

However, there are some ways to handle such conditions in order to get to where you need to go without the excess stress and pressure of trying to be where you want to be in your trade.
First, and foremost, it always starts with identifying the underlying causes. For example, the two most crucial factors : time and money-

Actually, we can just discuss the common relationship between time and money; because without time you would not be able to make money, and without money you would not be able to make the time to invest in your skills, right?
And what better way to easily solve this problem than to get a job in your respective field. Well, realistically speaking, it’s nowhere near easy.

Why, you ask?
Well, nowadays, just like with almost any major out there, it is almost damn near impossible to get an entry level job that does not require 5-10+ experience. Almost as if they’re looking for someone who started at the age of one. (Kidding, not kidding).
Now, I might be speaking as a whining millennial who majored in fashion to get a job in an impossible and competitive field, but I don’t think I sound like I am whining. I am speaking the truth for those who are actually trying to get somewhere in their field – fashion or not. There will always be competition in any field, and although it may seem impossible for now, it won’t always be that way.

And through all this, the only resolution I have come up with is to just remain patient. One door may close, but a few may open. Opportunities are available to those who seek it. And while you patiently wait, just keep yourself busy with related activities. Just because you did not land the exact position in your field, does not mean that it is your final destination – it is merely a pit stop to get further down the road.

Going back to the “time is money, money is time” correlation, the key word is invest.
Just consider everything you do as an investment – you are investing time and money in yourself and your future.
Do not worry about landing the dream job right now, because all you have to do is save your money to invest in your necessities in order to properly hone your skills.

Even though it is a struggle to follow through with your plans, just know that the common phrase “dust yourself off and try again” is actually very effective advice. And remember, if you really want something so badly, you would give it your all to get it.

Well, thank you for listening to my little vent – and hope it actually gave some insight to those who are going through the same struggles as I am while I try to continue my focus and advance in my career.

On another note, weekly blogging will change to random days throughout the week. So just check in whenever you can during the week, and there might be a new post, there might not be.

Again, thank you and see you next week!