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I had the honor to finally work with one of my great friends, Courtney. We had initially met at my current job, and although she is a former coworker, she still remains a close friend to me.


One trait I found extremely prominent was her confidence when wearing Vintage clothing. She’s the Vintage Enthusiast in my book.

First off, we were trying to beat the time since the sun was quickly going down – this was a challenge that allowed me to practice shooting in Manual mode and altering with the ISO settings. The lower the ISO number, the clearer the images were. I found this was because of the amount of light the camera was perceiving which determined the clear result of the image. Overall, I found myself shooting at a 1/60 ISO range as opposed to somewhere around the 1/900 ISO range.

This challenge allowed me to learn more of the technicalities as well as my camera’s potential, since I often found myself shooting in Auto (not that I was that lazy, but it was a quicker result than having to tamper with the settings in itself).

IMG_5228 copy.jpg

So I found it a bit difficult to get the right amount of light as shown in the above photo. (I edited the levels of this image to not make it seem as blinding as it originally was)

After a while of trial and error, I was beginning to get the hang of it, and the results were evident.

Well, enough about my technical difficulties, you all get the point.
Let’s shift our focus onto Courtney and her outfit, and what she has to say about it, because I think she is actually more excited to share her outfit with you than I am with sharing these photos – not that I feel any less excited, but, as I said before, her confidence goes above and beyond!


  • Why Vintage Fashion?
    I just love it. It’s sexy and classy at the same time. I gain confidence from just wearing the clothes or putting on the make up. I love the fact that even showing not as much skin as the average person nowadays I can still feel sexy in my vintage / pin up wardrobe.
  • What is your fave piece?
    My favorite piece is hard to decide, I’d love to say the shoes! A girl can never have too many shoes, but I would go with the dresses as well. So many different styles and designs; and each and every time I buy a new dress I am that much more obsessed.
  • Tell us about your outfit? Why did you choose to showcase this specifically?
    This outfit is a great mix between the vintage style with a modern feel. The shoes being modern while the leather jacket and glasses are my staple for vintage. I chose this one because I am incredibly comfortable and still so confident in this somewhat simple outfit. The shirt is actually from my favorite yet crazy expensive vintage reproduction clothing stores. Anyone who has seen or knows about CRYBABY knows this shirt, lol.
  • Your tattoos – What do they mean?
    My tattoos are my self expression. I’ve never felt that tattoos need to have some crazy deeper meaning. The zombie girl is just something I love – the artwork and the color. It wasn’t something I could just forget about, so I just added it onto my skin. Artist credit goes to Glen the author of Instagram. The one above it is a little more meaningful, blue rose and skeleton – something that a lot of people tend to deal with, depression. Mine felt like it was engulfing me, surrounding me, and as much as I felt dead inside, I still managed to spread my wings and stand apart from my depression. Artist credit goes to Gris Grimly.

  • Anything you want to add to tell the readers?
    No matter what color, height/weight, gender.. You are beautiful. I love myself in my clothes. I have a style that may be common in some places but it is unique to me and no matter what anyone says I love myself with my style. OWN YOUR STYLE – it’s as unique to you as your finger print.


She couldn’t have said it any better. Her words definitely resonate with her personality, style and confidence! And that is one of the things I love having her as a friend.

Thank you so much, Court! Keep shining!