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Following up on my previous post (that I meant to publish a week ago), I had come to an epiphany that I would like to share with all of you.

Big Question : Time or Money?

I have asked a good amount of my friends and family which was more relevant to them and majority said time, while the rest said money. What may seem important to one person may not seem as important to another.

You can lose time, but regain money.

And truth be told, time is the main thing I struggle with more than money. Why do I crave time so much? Because it is literally what I have to work with. The value of money isn’t as grand as the value of time for me.
While money is essential, we need the time to make money – to do anything for that matter.

Realizing this, as a 25 year old, I am trying to do so many things all at once – without the proper time management. While I do have my monetary resources available, I do not have all the time to focus on my art.

I believe that right now is the best time for me (anyone in this generation) to learn the balance between time and money. While it may seem infeasible, it is completely possible.

And this struggle will only last if I do not prioritize my passion properly and actually work on it, even if it is little by little. My main goal does not change, but my plans to get to that goal tends to change – and I believe this is what they call the infamous yet informal term “adulting“.

It sucks, but it comes with time and money.

And if that is what we need to work on living, why make it more complicated than it already is? What makes it complicating in the first place?
Maybe because we, or I, have not mastered that balance between time and money.

For those who have, I salut you.