Struggling with Motivation? Ways to Overcome it.


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While you can’t really identify everything or anything that causes you to easily lose motivation, a lot of factors are heavily involved when you do.
And if you are anywhere near goal orientated toward a specific trade, you most probably find yourself fighting with yourself to get your work done.

Here are some of the possible reasons why you would be prone to losing your ambition and how you can kickstart your momentum by reducing the stress regarding your dilemma :

  • Low self esteem / Insecurities
    This is definitely a huge factor in losing one’s motive to do anything.
    Insecurities will constantly cause people to ask themselves “What if I’m not good enough?”  They often ask this, but more than half the time they would not even know the exact reason why. To put it bluntly, who are you trying to impress? What do you find yourself benefitting from caring too much about what others think?
    Low self esteem will cause people to compare themselves to others and probably think “They’re better than me.” And honestly, coming from experience, this is one of the highest forms of self sabotage.
  • Doubts
    There are two kinds of doubts : one is derived from oneself, and the second is derived from others.
    Doubting yourself goes hand in hand with having low self esteem and insecurities. It can also cause unnecessary limitations and fear within yourself from actually producing anything.
    When others doubt you, it still goes hand in hand since it can trigger your self doubt and sabotage your mental strength. But you should ask yourself, “Why does it matter?” Keep in mind that in the end it’s you who are doing all the work.

    It’s your own potential and only you know what you are capable of.

  • Time
    Don’t see time as a schedule, it makes you keep track of it. This could cause a type of anxiety or fear that may discourage you to even try. Instead, see time as an opportunity to manage when you can allocate to work and practice. Realize that you have time – a lot of it. Taking things day by day and learning from baby steps will help you achieve a technique to allocate your time the way you have tailored it to be.
    One suggestion I would recommend is to pause what usually takes up a lot of your time that doesn’t benefit you (i.e. social media, over-socializing, etc) and give yourself at least a week (or two, if you wanna get fancy) to build a streak. This is almost like running a free trial, and after this test period, see how you feel as a result; chances are the results are something desirable – you invested your time in it, after all.

    Last, but not least..

  • Fear
    If you haven’t noticed already, fear stems from everything on the list. Fear of yourself, of others and of time, it is the deciding factor as to why you would hold back. Allowing fear to take over is like letting it control your life, when you need to realize that you are in charge of your own life and fear will get you nowhere.

While these aren’t what could be all of what you may be experiencing during your motivation loss, it may be a start to helping you analyze what could be the problem.
And yes, a lot of it does involve self awareness – but it’s always the better thing to be aware of yourself to achieve goals and to make plans along the way.
Just think to yourself : What is my goal? Why?

You are the only one who can find yourself capable of thinking that you can do it and that you know you have the means to do it. Nothing and no one is stopping you, and you should allow it.

So if you are struggling with seeking motivation, I do hope that some of these pointers will aid you in the right direction. Also, one very important thing to keep in mind is that you are not the only one going through this kind of situation – everybody struggles with motivation, it is only natural and common; you aren’t alone (I, myself, am struggling with this dilemma almost all the time)

Even if you feel like it will come back, just be prepared when the time comes. I wish you the best of luck and I believe that anybody who has motivational issues can overcome it – it literally just takes a little courage and time.

Practice Makes Better.


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Now that I have a designated work station for designing, my main focus right now is to balance out my schedule between working a full time job and going to the office space to work on my designs.

So far, so good.

As of right now I am just revisiting what I know and what I have learned to practice techniques and remembering little tips and tricks to get the ball rolling. Honestly, coming back from an elongated break from designing proves how much time I have to invest in my skills for it to actually show and pay off.

And as far as how my projects are going, I definitely want to start by reducing my fabric library that I have built. To me (and some of my fellow designer friends), we find that collecting/hoarding fabric is almost like collecting anything else – be it games, toys, clothes, accessories, etc. The tough part is actually using it – to actually make something out of them.

Although it doesn’t seem like I have accumulated a significant amount, I want to actually make something out of these. There was a reason why I bought them right?

And since they are mostly woven fabric (the threads in the fabric that weave vertically & horizontally), I already have some ideas for only very few of them while others I still need to think through. Some will be used on my Smart Doll if the fabric doesn’t permit me to make a full size garment.

This definitely gives me a chance to get back into practice while emptying out my fabric drawers and start fresh with fabric that I will actually use for the official designs that I look forward to eventually creating.
So before I work on any major projects, I have to start off somewhere and what better way than to practice on old fabrics that I already have?
I will get around to updating you on my progress and share what I have going on as the time goes by.

Until then, like with any skill/craft/trade, I will continue to invest time to practice – because, like they all say.. “Practice makes better!”

Long Time, No Post.


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So.. I know it has been a very good time since I’ve updated – and I sincerely apologize.
For this, I’ll be transparent.

Managing this blog as other priorities caught up with me became nearly difficult and, truth be told, almost stressful. It’s not that I did not prioritize this blog, I began to lack material and I ran out of things to present to the table every week. However, I believe this three month gap has been more than enough time for me to be able to pick things back up and running.

With that said, I do have a handful of great news for you all!
First I’ll just start off with the updating and slowly get back on track with the whole blogging routine.

Here are some updates you will be looking forward to:

  • I acquired my own little office/workspace that I can finally designate my creative workflow and organize my designs in!
  • I finally made pattern blocks for my Smart Doll Ivory (or Ivy for short) to start drafting and assembling clothes her size.
  • I am in the process of replacing my laptop and obtained a new phone for video recording tutorials and demonstrations.
  • Spring time is here! Meaning photography sessions will be taking place once again.

In other words, my resources have significantly grown since the last time I had updated and this promises a great amount of material for me to share with all of you. And like so, I will continue to post every Tuesday of the week for consistency.

I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding throughout my inconsistency and hope that this time I will hold up to updates – I should have no reason not to at this point.

So until then, I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Closet Collection : Cats.


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This week is another closet collection featuring a recurring theme: Cats.

I am not particularly biased between cats or dogs, I just tend to find myself choosing cats lately. These recent purchases says a whole lot about how much attracted I am to them.

First off is a sailor sweater.

Other than the cute sailor style, the graphic cat designs popping out of the pockets give it a playful feel to it. And the back of the sweater is written “Misnon” for whatever reason I have not figured out, but it must be part of the brand.

Next up is Sleepy Kitty.

The embroidery on this sweater expresses a sense of comfortability and relaxation – reflecting the sleeping cat. I tend to wear this when I sleep or on comfortable almost lazy days.

Last but not least, the obvious.

The direct phrase on this hoodie almost blatantly expresses my interest in cat fashion and cats in general. What I love the most is how the hood actually has cat ears!

Well, that was it for the cat fashion for now. Maybe I should have showcased it in a cat walk instead? 😜

I just wanted to share these few pieces to show the playful and cuteness of my closet collection. What about your closet? Any recurring theme like graphic shirts or similar fabrics you find yourself wearing often?

Thanks for reading!

Closet Collection : Ross.


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How many times is a compliment on an outfit followed up with where the piece came from?

For example..
Person 1: “I like your shirt!”
Person 2: “Thanks! I got it from ___.”

For the most part the answer to the blank space tends to surprise people, but why?

Is it from the expectations or standards that the place has? Or maybe the piece itself has a lower monetary value but  with nice quality?

Sometimes that’s how I feel with Ross clothing stores. I tend to find it unbelievable to find decent deals on specific items – especially in the fashion department.

And this week I will share with you some of my favourite pieces I got from Ross.

First, is a laced dress.


Sleeveless and exposed back with twisted straps behind. With the hem at knee length it has a lower length at the back. I really enjoy this dress in the Spring because it is very lightweight and it sets the seasonal mood with the off white shade. Only problem wearing this dress is the see through aspect due to the thin fabric and soft white colour.

Next is a sweet black dress.


The cross straped design on the upper chest area gives it a more edgy look to this semi-formal dress. I enjoy wearing this piece for special occasions like business casual gatherings or night clubbing.

Next featured item is a tea party blouse.


The chiffon material gives it a very delicate feel best for attending tea parties or for dates and the gathered neckline with the tied string bow gives it a very feminine look. Although it is noticeably thin, a nude or hint of floral undershirt could solve this problem.

Fourth item for show is a Letterman inspired jacket.


Pretty thick inside yet lightweight, I stay very warm with this on a casual day out. To prevent myself from heating up quickly I tend to wear a thin shirt or tank top inside. I enjoy this layering piece because it’s very simple yet the white stripes give it a pop of style to its fashion.

Last item is a wide turtleneck sweater.


For those of you who know Ross stores in the Juniors’ section, “Love” logos are constant among their pieces. I enjoy this sweater for chill hangouts or super casual dates. The oversized turtleneck is always a fun style to rock along with keeping my neck and chin warm.

Well that was all for the featured pieces that were purchased at an unbelievably low price from Ross. (that was only some of them too) It’s almost like treasure hunting when shopping here because you’ll never really know what you could end up finding.

Also it also shows that you don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money for clothes of any ocassion. As the store advertises “Dress For Less” that’s literally what it is. Oddly enough, a lot of my clothes in my closet are from Ross mixed in with a bunch of other retailers that I will share with you very soon.

Hope you enjoyed my mini closet collection and I’m curious to know if you had any pieces that came from one store as well.

What’s in your closet?

Thanks for reading, until next Tuesday!

Street Royal : Celine.


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This week features another dear friend of mine, Celine.

Her outfit speaks for herself which reflect her personality as well as style.
I was only able to ask her a few questions regarding her take in her personal fashion.

  • What do you call your personal style?
    Bold and clean. Chic. Transitional and timeless. I try to look as flattering as possible.
  • How does it make you feel?
    It’s like an extension of my soul – almost like a confidence builder.
  • What inspires your outfits?
    Comfort and simplicity with a dash of edginess. One point in my outfit has to be eye catching – more or less, accessories! However I always choose quality over the price.
  • Do you have a fave designer? Who?
    For evening wear, Elie Saab for his intricate designs. For ready to wear, Viktor & Rolf. And Han Chong aka Self Portrait (@mrselfportrait) for the same design aesthetics.

With that interview being short and sweet, it made me realize that I won’t have all the time in the world to ask every single person I photograph a question regarding their outfits. But nonetheless it was still insightful to me.

What I had also noticed was that, with someone who has no photography experience, working with someone who has no modeling experience either was a bit of a challenge. But I managed to get some good shots in – playing with different angles with the given background we had. I felt it still worked out since everything was meant to be simple yet comfortable to reflect on today’s Street Royal’s style.

From observing her point in fashion, what is the point of fashion if you can’t express yourself comfortably? That is something we could all think about – whether it’s simple, sophisticated or complicated. For today’s Royal, sweet and simple is the way to go.


Thanks, Celine!

Artists’ Block? The Steps to Get Rid of It.


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You may or may not be prone to artist block. Either way, that’s okay.
All you really need to know is how to mitigate this phase during your creative process with the following steps.

  1. Identify that you have artist’s block. Some common traits features the lack of motivation nor the drive to do anything. Sometimes during this phase, when one creates a product they would not feel satisfied with the result, or the specific image they had took a different direction than expected. This could cause a personal dissatisfaction toward their skill which may lead discouragement to attempt working on new products.
  2. Figure out what the possible causes are for your artist’s block. This could be a whole lot of random factors that we don’t always keep in mind. Stress, lack of time due to a busy schedule or all sorts of distractions such as monetary issues with little to no relevance are just the very few. Also the little things that we don’t take into consideration much includes prolonging your plans longer than expected, your comfort with current situations and routine repetition can also play a big role into your artist block. However these are all common issues that the every day person may come across.
  3. Attempt to do something about it. The following suggestions may aid in “curing” this condition. However the degree at how effective the solution may be dependent on your current situations and varies pertaining to lifestyle status (age, routine, money).
    *Rekindle your passion for your art by looking back at what had sparked your interest in the first place. Think about it this way, you chose to invest your time in it for a while now, why stop now?
    *Allow yourself to adapt to change one step at a time. Sometimes you have to break the routine once in a while – like organizing your shelves or rearranging your bedroom; something very small could make a big difference in how you go about your average day. Start off with those small changes then work your way up to bigger ones.
    *Once you’ve gotten used to change, take a vacation. This is a more invigorating term for taking a break. Show yourself something new by exploring a different scene – you’ll never know, inspiration may spark somewhere and the influence from someplace both new and different could result in something possibly refreshing. You also don’t have to go through the more extravagant versions of a typical vacation like visiting Hawaii. You can literally just take a trip in the next town over that’s at least hours away and go sight seeing.
    *Last but not least, pick up a distraction that is completely different so long as it’s productive – this will get your focus away from what you’ve been stressing about. After some time, you’ll eventually want to get back to your original focus.

Hopefully this insight will be of use to you or anyone you know who goes through artist’s block. As much as I make it sound like a serious “condition”, it can actually be very stressful and, personally, sometimes serious to not be able to produce the products you want to produce, coming from a creative person who is highly prone to artist block.

So just remember these options for if you are ever feeling any way unproductive and you’ll be able to pick your groove back up in no time 🙂

Three Outfits for Halloween 🎃


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One little fun fact about me is that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. When I see an opportunity to dress up, then I dress up!

This Halloween was pretty different this year since it turned out I had three opportunities to do so! It was super exciting to be able to figure out which day I had to choose my outfits.

Here are the results :

Thursday, October 28.


My job had a Halloween event after work so to keep it appropriate I wore casual clothing with a mini petticoat but to still dress up I put on a straight long wig with the ears and a tail along with the bell collar to represent a black kitty cat. (I avoided putting whiskers on my face because I didn’t want to worry about smudging while working.)

Monday, October 31. DAY OF.


I went for my Pikachu Kigurumi (which is evidently a “onesie” pajama from Japan) during the day of for work. It kept me super comfortable and just natural to wear it. Nothing too exiting since it was a basic costume of a very well known character from Pokemon.

Finally, the NIGHT OF. I did something new for Halloween night.



I dressed up as a Purger from the American movie The Purge!
With this costume I wore the mask, with a thin jacket, black cotton dress with fishnet stockings and boots. I added the wig to give my costume a little bit more femininity and a bat as a prop weapon.

For those of you unfamiliar with the film, it is basically about a society where they annually celebrate what they call “Purge Night” – meaning for 12 hours all crime including murder is legal. So for those who participate in Purge Night they all tend to wear masks – that I honestly think is very aesthetically appealing.

Anyway, I have always wanted to dress up as one just for the heck of it and what better opportunity to do so on Halloween! But that wasn’t the only fun part – I got to do a photo shoot with it as well! And the results are more than astonishing.

That night it was cold and slightly raining, so trying to maintain my composure took more effort than usual. However, after seeing a few of the results in progress, I began to get used to the game and owned it.

It was fairly simple to pose with less people and cars around since my outfit would seem to terrify people – and that wasn’t my main intention on that night.

I was able to get a few without the mask – to add the “bad attitude” vibe to it. In a sense, it almost looks like an Anime character in real life, or as my friends and I like to call it “The Purge – Anime Style”.

So, that was my Halloween night this year – cinematic photo shoots near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. One thing I did learn from taking photos that night was that even though there were poor lighting conditions and inconvenient weather, results were still satisfying.

Hope you all enjoyed your Halloween night along with these photos I shared.
Until next Tuesday!